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At Inspirar, ‌we work on all levels of the sporting structure to make sure all stakeholders get to fulfil their objectives. Our services range from career guidance, athlete management, culture development, corporate coaching & consultancy to e-sports industry. 


Whether you're a student, an aspiring athlete, a club or a sports brand - browse through our dedicated services to preview how we can help you play better.


Sports Management Career Pathway

The global sports industry is estimated at $488.5 billion. Even if you're not an athlete, take your passion for sport to the next level by pursuing a fulfilling & exciting career in sport. Don't know how? That's what we're here to help you with.

From identifying your area of interest to drawing a roadmap of education and experience - we'll create a definitive path to your dream sports job.


Dreams are meant to be realised.
INSPIRAR covers all of an athlete's needs from development to monetisation. We're looking to make your life easy off the pitch and strong on it - with coaching, injury management and sponsorship services to athletes.
From helping you develop your game to finding professional opportunities - we've got you covered.

Sports/E-Sports Consultancy

Charity begins at home, so does sport. ‌Upgrade and diversify your sports curriculum as a school/academy or institution to make the sporting process more fun, inclusive and achieve positive outcomes. 
Up-skill your team with our educator management services and stay ahead in the game.
Career Guidance
Athlete Management
Culture & Curriculum
E Sports
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